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Voice2Form is an innovator with the ability to utilize the voice recognition system to interactively gather specific information to generate documents for applications into text.

Voice2Form's first application is for the mortgage industry to utilize voice recognition that enables the applicant to complete their mortgage information by use of the telephone or any other device that uses speech.

The applicant receives a pin # which allows him/her to use the system 24/7 and if the call is terminated at any time prior to completion, the applicant can return at any time, input their pin # and pick up where they left off. Once the application is completed, the secured, stored information is available to the applicant by use of the designated pin #. It may be modified and up-dated at any time or exported to a third party provider for additional loan products.

The Voice2Form System will provide a giant leap in technology for the mortgage industry and applicant by completing documents such as the 1003. It allows this information to be exported immediately to third party providers such as underwriting engines (DU & LP) with approvals in minutes. Applicants can receive approvals with conditions to expedite the process of securing a mortgage in an educated and informed fashion.

The information taken by the Voice2Form voice system can be imported into all loan processing platforms and documents and forms required to meet lender, state and federal guidelines can be generated.

Additional isolated information needed to complete the mortgage application can be provided to third party providers in a secure and private envirorment.

Kenneth Barash, CEO and patent holder of the Voice2Form System, has had over 40 years mortgage experience and as a FHA, VA and FannieMae approved lender. In 1986 had the first fully computerized laptop origination, processing, underwriting and closing company in the State of NJ.

The Voice2Form System will provide the consumer, the lender and all other parties involved in the transaction a faster, more economical and simpler method of obtaining a mortgage.

Voice2Form has expanded its platform to include insurance and other financial applications.

For Applications and Licensing Options
Contact: Ken Barash, CEO, (561) 756-1055 or kbarash@voice2form.com

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