Business Affiliate Program

Technology Overview

Voice2Form, LLC., provides a patented voice recognition system, VoiceForm™, for companies that wish to speed up application and forms processing and offer their customers better and more efficient customer service. VoiceForm captures a caller's application information, converts the information to text and automatically and instantly generates a form that is exported into a third-party processing system for approval and processing. The caller is given a personal identification number (PIN) at the inception of the call that allows them to come back into the system at any time in the future to continue their application process or update their existing information without having to start from scratch. VoiceForm can reduce the time needed for a sales agent or company representative to complete the data, thereby significantly reducing errors and the time required for the application process. In addition to providing a system for voice transactions, VoiceForm also serves as a lead generation tool, as it captures the caller's name, address and telephone number whether or not the call was completed. VoiceForm is available 24x7x365. Voice2Form Business Affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • License to use US Patent 6,738,740(B1) technology
  • Protected industry and market segments based on Business Affiliate expertise
  • Industry specific application development including; requirements definition, development, call flow analysis, customized call scripting, testing and demo line.
  • Exclusive toll free number(s) provided – vanity number supplied if available
  • Customized individual greeting per toll free number for each of your accounts
  • Multi-lingual application support (English/Spanish and others as necessary)
  • Transfer to live agent capability
  • Call data integration into industry specific software applications
  • Industry standard data import and export capability
  • 24x7x365 application hosting and availability
  • Redundant NOC (network operations center)
  • Technical support
  • Call detail reports
  • No equipment required
  • Marketing support – PowerPoint presentations and collateral
  • Press release and public relations support

Business Affiliate Requirements

  • Must be industry expert in your chosen field or one of the following market segments:
  • Finance, Banking, Insurance, Legal, Accounting, Human Resources, Government, Financial Planning, Medical, Architect, or similar profession
  • Industry professional contacts
  • Desire and capability to run your own business
  • Financial resources associated with running your own company

Contact:Ken Barash, CEO, (561) 756-1055 or kbarash@voice2form.com

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