June 13, 2005

Voice2Form, LLC Announces Website Integration Support Using its Patented Voice & Speech Recongition Technology

(Ft. Lauderdale, June 13, 2005) - Voice2Form, LLC. , which holds a patent for a voice recognition system to help people fill out forms for a variety of commercial and governmental agencies, today announced commercial website integration support using Voice2Form patented technology. Voice2Form's patented application system collects applicants' voice entries from any phone, converts the answers to text and enters the information into any company database, such as a web server. Customers can “phone in” their information and the company can then make the information available to their customers via a secure log on and password for review, update, modification and submission for processing on the web.

“Website integration support using voice and speech recognition from Voice2Form empowers customers with an alternate channel of interacting with any company website,” said Phil Sencer, president of Voice2Form, LLC. <\p>

“Voice2Form’s patented technology provides the caller with a personal identification number allowing them to call back and complete any application or document at any time without having to start over. Voice2Form is pleased to provide a user friendly, self-service voice automated system available for customers 24 hours per day,” continued Sencer. “Voice2Form’s technology can be seamlessly integrated with any company’s database systems using standard industry formats.” <\p>

Website support is available for all applications from Voice2Form including the company’s Voice and Speech Recognition Mortgage Application. “Any company that has a web based 1003 application on their current website can use this technology,” said Sencer. <\p>

Voice2Form’s Voice and Speech Mortgage Application works with any Fannie Mae compliant loan origination software system to create a 1003 for exporting into DU / LP and other underwriting formats. Voice2Form’s technology supports Calyx Point Software®, Ellie Mae® Encompass, Byte Software®, Integra Destiny®, and Dynatek MORvision ®.<\p>

About Voice2Form:

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Voice2Form, LLC offers a patented voice recognition system that applies to both commercial and governmental agencies (federal, state, local) that requires an individual or business to complete forms, such as loan applications, credit investigation documents, school applications, professional applications (i.e., bar application, etc.), governmental forms (immigration/visa forms, income tax returns, etc.) Voice2Form is actively licensing its patented technology. For additional information, go to www.Voice2Form.com or call 561.329.5255. Application line 877.269.3676 US Patent 6,738,740 (B1)
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