May 1, 2006


FT, LAUDERDALE – May 1, 2006 – While after hours call center staffing may be cost- prohibitive for most mortgage lenders, Atlanta-based Mid-Atlantic Financial Services is enabling its customers to complete mortgage loan applications and receive conditional approval in minutes without human interaction using a voice recognition automated software solution from Voice2form LLC.

Mid- Atlantic is a Fannie Mae seller/servicer and HUD approved residential direct mortgage lender that funds approximately $200 million annually in loan volume. It currently receives the majority of its loan calls from direct response marketing.

“In 2005, we analyzed our call patterns and found we were getting a lot of hang ups on our voicemail system, particularly after hours,” explains Mid-Atlantic President, Michael Anthony. “Since we licensed the Voice2form LLC system 12 months ago, we’ve captured more than 1,000 calls and have processed an extra 20 after hour applications per month, which has resulted in significant incremental revenue from after hours loan conversions.”

Voice2Form's mortgage application system collects applicants' voice entries, and converts answers to e-document form. Each caller receives a PIN number to revisit, edit and complete the form by telephone as well as access the secure data on the web.

“Giving customers the option to voice in their application 24/7 allows us to process their loans quickly and more efficiently,” Anthony explains. “Most customers complete the application on the initial call while approximately 10-15% call back using their pin.”

The software is easy to install and integrates easily with most voicemail systems as well as the back end databases. The information can be imported into any Fannie Mae compliant loan origination software system to create a 1003 for exporting into DU/LP and other underwriting formats. Voice2Form’s technology supports Calyx Point Software®, Ellie Mae® Encompass, Byte Software®, using Fannie Mae and comma separated variable (CSV) standard data formats.

The data is protected as each licensee has its own FTP site where they collect and download the information for their Loan Origination System or marketing program. Using Voice2form, even if the caller hangs up, the software will provide the name, address and phone number. These customers can be contacted without violating "do not call" rules since they originated as inbound calls.

Anthony concludes, “Voice2form has been an extremely valuable addition to our marketing program, has provided incremental revenue and gives Mid-Atlantic a competitive edge in keeping customers that might otherwise go somewhere else to submit a loan application.”

About Voice2Form:
Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Voice2Form offers a patented voice recognition system that facilitates form completion from telephone to e-document. The company has targeted a number of industries that will greatly benefit from automated form completion by telephone including financial services, healthcare and government agencies and is currently licensing its patented technology. For additional information, go to www.Voice2Form.com.

About Mid-Atlantic Financial:
Mid-Atlantic Financial Services is a Fannie Mae seller/servicer and HUD approved residential direct mortgage lender conducting business in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Alabama. Mid-Atlantic Financial, with over seventy-five years of combined mortgage experience, has helped thousands of consumers obtain mortgage financing. For more information, visit the Company Web site at www.mafs.tv

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