November 2012

Patent Lawsuit Settled,West Interactive a subsidiary of West Corporation has licensed Voice2form patent #6,738,740 (B1)

Ken Barash, a pioneer in voice recognition applications, and CEO of Voice2Form, is pleased to announce that a patent lawsuit over U.S. Patent No. 6,738,740, which he invented, has settled. Over a decade ago, Ken developed a novel approach to completing text documents using voice recognition systems. "I realized that companies needed a way to effectively produce text documents from customer calls," explains Ken. "I developed the idea, filed the patent, and built several commercially successful applications for leading companies in the insurance and financial industries, such as Aetna, WellPoint, America's Best Lending Network, Mid Atlantic Mortgage & Financial Services, and ING."

After receiving the '740 Patent and working in the voice recognition industry for over a decade, Ken partnered with VoiceFill, LLC, a company in California, to enforce the patent. West Interactive, its first defendant, recently settled the case and became a licensee. "I am happy to see that West, who is a global leader in enterprise contact center transformation, has decided to license the patent." Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, West Interactive is a subsidiary of West Corporation, which offers a broad range of communications and network infrastructure solutions designed to help organizations manage or support critical communications.

When asked about the patent process, Ken observed, "obtaining a patent is just the beginning. Actually generating revenue from the patent takes a considerable amount of time, energy and resources." Individual patent holdrs face many obstacles to extracting value from their patents, including limited capital to fund litigation, hostile potential licensees, and long waiting periods. "It's critical that you partner with business and legal professionals who believe in your invention as much as you do.

Ken's company, Voice2Form, continues to develop custom voice to text applications, and invites companies to contact him at voice2form.com to explore new voice to text applications. Similarly, VoiceFill will be extending patent licensing offers to companies using voice to form applications.
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